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IDOL: The sacred counch is an integral part of Hindu symbolic and religious tradition. It is considered very auspicious and is believed that blowing off counch shell enhances positive psychological vibrations such as courage, hope, optimism, and willpower. This beautifully carved gemstone counch can be placed in the area of your worshipped as it brings positive light in and around you.

The Shankha is the symbol of the origin of existence. It is associated with water, the first element, the source of all life. It has the form of multiple spirals evolving from a point to ever-increasing spheres. It produces a sound associated with the primal sound from which creation expanded when blown. Shankha represents the creative (shristi) aspect of Vishnu. The Shankha that Vishnu holds is Pancha-Janya, born of five, and it represents the pure notion of individual existence (sattvika ahamkara) from which evolved the principles of five elements (bhutas).
The discus Sudarshana-chakra, beauteous to behold, has six spokes equivalent to six lotus petals. Its nature is to revolve. It represents the universal mind, the will to multiply. (Vishnu Purana 1-22-68). Chakra represents the cohesive (sthithi) aspect of Vishnu.
The Chakra is in the design of a wheel. The wheel is symbolic of life, ever–renewing itself in a cycle of time. The wheel of radiance symbolizes the Sun. Its six spokes represent the six seasons, the six cycles of the year. The nave, in which the spokes are set, the center, represents changeless and motionless reality. The spin of the wheel creates the illusion of duality, the Maya.

Vishnu tilak is also known as Urdhva Pundra and consists of vertical lines or dots with a central mark, often in the shape of a "U". The symbolism of the Vishnu tilak can be interpreted in various ways, based on different Hindu traditions and beliefs.

One interpretation of the Vishnu tilak is that the vertical lines or dots represent the feet, hands, and head of Lord Vishnu, while the central mark represents his third eye or divine presence. Another interpretation is that the tilak symbolizes the unity of the three main deities in Hinduism – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, with Vishnu being the central figure.

The tilak is often made using sacred materials such as sandalwood paste, turmeric paste, or kumkum powder and is believed to have purifying effects on the wearer. It is also seen as a way of marking oneself as a devotee of Lord Vishnu and as a means of seeking his blessings and protection.

STONE: SODALITE is a very popular stone that helps bring mental clarity and rational thought. If someone is looking for harmony in their life, then SODALITE is the perfect stone for them. It helps in building self-esteem and accepting oneself which will ultimately bring balance to all aspects of life. SODALITE brings order and calmness to the mind and encourages rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition.

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